Project Statement

City River (in progress)

The Bavarian capital of Munich, Germany, is located on the river Isar which crosses the city at a length of 13.7 km. Up until the end of the 19th century, the river was an important trade route supplying the growing city with timber, chalk, and other goods. In addition, it provided freshwater and water power.

Today, the Isar is of little economic importance to the city. Instead it serves as Munich’s largest area for recreation. The Munich people intensively use the river for leisure activities. Although the Isar was canalized and its banks were fixed during the 19th century, large sections of the river convey an impression of “wilderness” that is quite exceptional for an urban landscape. This is due to the particular geology of the Munich area as well as a public initiative started 2000 to “re-naturalize” the Isar.

City River is my ongoing exploration of the meaning of “wilderness” in the context of an urban landscape that has been used and rebuilt by humans for many centuries. I am interested in the intersection of nature and culture and how people experience it. All photographs are taken within the city limits.

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